My Singer 431G

I was looking for a very rare Singer 431G but the only ones I found were on Etsy and they were priced between $600 and $900 U.S.

I took a chance and went to the German version of eBay (

I found German language listings that did not appear on

I found the following listing and paid around $60 USD and about $150.00 USD for shipping. So my total cost was a little over $200 USD.

The machine included the chain stitch accessories and was in good shape but it had a few common problems:

  • There was no user manual.
  • The spool pins were broken or missing.
  • The machine needed cleaning and de-greasing.
  • The needle plate pins were missing and the zigzag plate had been drilled to accommodate a machine screw to hold it in place.
  • The rubber feet needed to be replaced (there are 5).
  • The foot pedal wasn’t working.
  • The motor was 220V which isn’t convenient in the U.S.

The restoration is described in other posts on this site.

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